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We are pleased to provide easy access to online games where you can play a wide range of games anytime, anywhere. All your favorite games in all categories like Slot, Fishing, Casino, Poker, Bingo, Esports & Sports betting are here at once. X1-Bet selects the best and most suitable person to provide the best gaming experience with 24/7 access to customer service. We strive for convenience yet ensure strong security measures as we are a reputable online casino platform that follows strict guidelines to provide a safe environment for all members. Everything you need is here, Convenience, a Wide range of game availability, 24/7 Customer Service, a variety of special promotions, and the most important matter is your safety. Let’s conquer the world and be one of the X1-Bet members now!



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X1PH is a bookie that has been present in the Philippines and has great financial potential, so it owns many new technologies as well as attractive games.

Fast website, language support

The website has a clear layout, fast loading, secure, easy to get acquainted with and use. You can bet directly on your computer or phone with the X1PH app or the X1PH mobile app.

Lottery win rate, the highest lottery in the market

It is not difficult to understand when an online casino offers players extremely high bonus rates. At X1PH, it is considered that it is possible to play the lottery directly with extremely large rewards, extremely high eating rate. That is the advantage and as well as the things that players love when participating in this game system.

High quality products     

X1PH is a site that provides a lot of extremely attractive betting products, super top game stores, super high speed lottery, high quality sports, live casino,…

Beautiful interface

As soon as you visit, you can recognize the main interface  at X1PH Casino is impressive with light blue and yellow tones. Simple design but still complete and aesthetically pleasing.

Super promotion

The promotion is very well  polished and invested by X1PH and applies to all players who have been participating at the house every day.

Some of the latest promotions:

+ Cumulative World Cup bets received up to 3.000 USD

+ Bonus 3 times top up for new members.

It rains 99,999,999 times a day.

+ Lucky lucky money at the highest 24 hours of the day 170 USD

In addition, X1PH also offers a lot of promotions to players, friendly referrals, daily promotions,… The way to participate in X1PH is also very simple to facilitate any player to participate.

Quick Trade

In just 3-5 minutes, you can make all transactions at the house quickly and quickly. The simplified steps of X1PH  enhance the user experience.

Robust security system

The strong security system at X1PH has been certified by GEOTRUST, so you can completely trust to participate, register, and perform dealer transactions. X1PH house rules are clearly stated in the account privacy policy and terms of use.

Responsive Support

You can contact the X1PH system   through channels such as email or boxchat… the support staff is enthusiastic and enthusiastic, answering as well as answering all questions of players.

Easy operation

The implementation of operations at the house is extremely easy, not only that, the X1PH house also shares a lot of news articles, guiding players to perform these operations in great detail.

Professional Services

As soon as you arrive at the X1PH house, players will feel the professionalism in each movement. From the interface to the sound system are meticulously invested. Bring Asian entertainment space, very suitable for Vietnamese tastes.

Combine the most attractive promotions

X1PH has so far been famous in the market because it is more than other bookmakers because of its ability to pay. Not just for new players. The house often offers great incentives daily, weekly, or organizes great promotions on major holidays for all members.

1. Load the first great gift hand in hand

This is a X1PH promotion that welcomes new members on their first deposit to join the house. Specifically, the bonus can be up to VND 30,888 billion 3 times. Promotion details are as follows:

  • Offer 1: After registering successfully and making a deposit the first 3 times. Players will receive a bonus based on the discount on the total deposit. The more you deposit the bigger the bonus amount will be.
  • Offer 2: After registering, you deposit money to play for 5 consecutive days. You will get additional bonuses, up to 13,888 billion.

2. X1PHPromotions rebate up to 1000 USD

You have not heard wrongly that this is an exclusive offer that X1PH  promotion is only available to players on their system. Rebate means that players will not have to worry about running out of money when losing or winning bets. Players when playing any game here can get a refund depending on the current level. And the value can be up to 20,000,000 VND.

3. Share X1PH on the wall, reward value up to 10 USD

This is X1PH’s exclusive program for players with a Facebook social network account. Just share an X1PH ad on your Facebook wall and you can receive a reward of up to 228k. Indeed, earning money has become much easier and more convenient and easier.

4. Every day bet receive promotion bonus up to 780 USD

You have not heard wrong, every day you bet on the cumulative efficiency of 85 USD or more, you can receive promotions up to 18,000,000 VND. This is the cheer from the house to the brothers, encouraging them to play more and earn more money. The gift seems small, but it is the motivation. 

5. VIP promotion up to 480 USD, receive monthly bonus

At the dealer, the higher the X1PH VIP level, the greater the rewards will be. This is an attractive discount that the house gives to active gamblers. Each time you join and deposit, players will earn promotion points and receive exclusive discounts.

6. Birthday players give incredible gifts up to 430 USD

Every year, X1PH  will accompany you to celebrate your birthday and of course, we have prepared gifts worth up to 430 USD. This is a gift of cheering, and congratulations on your time together with the house.

spin, number, bingo low poly wireframe mesh design

X1PH mobile app download guide

Get many attractive offers when downloading the X1PH app to the device. Experience the best betting products and services when playing at the house app.

Download X1PH mobile Android app

Similar to some other big bookmakers, there is not only the web version played on PC. The house also supports players to play on their Android phones through the X1PH app. The features are still the same and complete as on the website.

Step 1: Visit the official X1PH homepage

Select the Download button on the screen at the X1PH casino interface and select the Android operating system.

Step 2: Click on the app download link

Follow the 6-step instructions found in the photo and give the app permission to operate.

Step 3: Confirm

Confirm and open the .apk file and open Settings >Continue Installation on the screen> Install the app.

Step 4: Participate in betting

After installing the app on your Android phone > you just need to log in to your account after logging in with your mobile phone.

Download X1PH mobile IOS app (iPhone/ IPAD)

How to install X1PH application on IOS operating system details are as follows:

Step 1: Access the App Store on your iPhone

First, you need to have a mobile phone connected to the internet. Then, access the App Store app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Enter the search keyword “X1PH”

Tap the search bar of the App Store app and enter the keyword “X1PH”.

Step 3: Select the home app with the most downloads

A list of apps with display names will appear. Players should pay attention to the selection of applications with the official logo of the house and the most downloaded.

Step 4: Install

Tap on “Settings” and wait for a moment. The app will be downloaded to your iPhone.

Step 5: Authorize the application

After the download is complete, the home app will appear on your phone screen. At this point, the player needs to access the settings of the system. Then grant the necessary permissions for the application to run stably so that it can already participate in betting.

Detailed instructions on how to join the X1PH bookie

Step 1: Register for X1PH >>> See instructions now

Step 2: Find out X1PH promotions >>> Find out promotions

Step 3: Deposit money to participate in betting >>> Detailed instructions

Step 4: Download the convenient X1PH app >>> Detailed steps to download the app

Step 5: Withdraw money after participating in betting >>> Instructions on how to withdraw money

X1PH Account Registration Guide

Register for an X1PH account to experience many attractive betting products, participate in super promotional programs at the house. Immerse yourself in massive, professional game inventory in each service.

How to register an X1PH account on your phone

The steps to sign up for a game account on your phone are as follows:

Step 1: Go to the X1PH homepage

To access the homepage using the official X1PH registration link, players click on the “Register” button then:

Step 2: Fill in the form.


Step 3: Complete registration

Once you have filled out the request form, click the “Register” button to complete the process.

How to register an X1PH account on PC

The steps to register an X1PH account are also extremely easy, specifically:

Step 1: Visit the official X1PH homepage link

Access the official dealer link through chrome browsers, mugs, microsoft edge and click on the “Register” button

Step 2: Fill in your account information

Players need to fill in the account information on the provided system form 

Step 3: Complete registration

After entering all information in the form, select and check “I am of legal age (18+) and fully agree to the conditions for opening an account”.

Click the “Complete Registration” button to complete the process.

Answering questions about house account registration issues

During the registration process, you may encounter some cases where we conduct very simple processing as follows:

Username already exists

Your username has been used by other members before so you can not use that name anymore, you just need to change another username, you can participate in the game.

Full name already exists

This is quite a common case when you participate in lottery betting at X1PH, when the number of members participating in registration is too large, and there will be cases where your name is the same as the previous participating players.

Now you need to add one or more characters after your first and last name. After successfully registering a game account, you will contact the dealer’s customer care specialist in return for your full name and it will not affect your ability to deposit and withdraw.

The passwords don’t match.

Password to secure personal information and accounts, so setting a password for the game account is very important. When you enter two passwords that do not match, you enter two passwords that match successfully.

You entered the wrong captcha code.

The verification code tells the system whether you are a real person or a robot. This is to ensure that the X1PH system is free from account spam. If you entered the wrong password, re-enter it correctly.

How to Deposit X1PH

Depositing money into the account is an indispensable step to be able to participate and experience the products at the house, it is also the way to participate in many attractive promotions.

Not only does it have a high feed rate, players can also easily pay for multi-channel withdrawals. X1PH owns multi-platform trading with many different deposit methods to create a variety of options for users.

Through Internet Banking

This is definitely the way most players choose by convenience and safety. You can easily deposit money into the account of the X1PH dealer with a few basic operations. The house is linked to many major international banks so you do not need to worry about getting support or not

Electronic Payments

E-wallet is a pretty good form of payment and suitable for some brothers who use this form. Some e-wallets that the house uses such as Paypal.

Top up via QR code

Another method that many players use a lot is QR code scanning. This method is quite simple, just scanning QR can quickly participate in the betting game at the house.

Top up via phone card

Depositing money via phone card is a method of depositing money suitable for those who are in the process of making a card and have not yet obtained a bank card. This method is not used much, but it is also one of the best ways to pay. 

How to deposit X1PH on your phone

X1PH supports many different deposit methods, but with the professionalism of this playing field, the deposit steps are greatly simplified and these methods have something in common in the way of registration, specifically:

Step 1: Log in to your account

You need to log in to your X1PH account. Then copy the bank account details of the dealer’s representative, select “Funds” -> then click “Deposit”.

Step 2: Choose a deposit method

Choose the deposit method you want. The house is now connected to most banks in Vietnam allowing players to easily deposit and withdraw money to participate in the game.

Step 3: Make a deposit

Copy the name, bank account and transfer with the contents of your account name.

Step 4: Finish

Go back to the homepage and fill in the remittance information. Please fill in the details, complete the transfer information after completing Step 2, to confirm that the money has been transferred to the account. At this time, you only need to wait 3-5 minutes to transfer money to your account and you can participate in your betting.

How to deposit X1PH on a computer

Depositing money on the computer is also extremely easy, specifically:

Step 1: Visit the official X1PH homepage

At the main interface, you press the “top up” button

Step 2: Select a payment method

Here, you also choose the payment method for yourself as a way to top up money on the phone.

Step 3: Bank linkage

If you have not linked your X1PH dealer account to your bank account, then you need to make a bank account link to fund your bank account.

Step 4: Complete the process

You fill in the detailed transfer information, the content is your account name. After 2-3 minutes, your account will be credited.

X1PH Casino Withdrawal Guide

Players when participating at the X1PH house not only have relaxing and entertaining moments but when winning, they can withdraw  their X1PH money, specifically:

  •  1: Log in to the house link. Select the bank account on the main interface and start entering information.

  • 2: Fill in the necessary information in the form that the dealer provides to you.

  • 3: You need to carefully check the information and click “Agree” for the bank to save your bank information.

  • 4: Finally confirm the completion click on “Withdrawal”. After 3 to 5 minutes, if the conditions are valid, the money will be refunded to your account.

  • 5: Guide to making X1PH agents in detail, quickly

X1PH dealer is the person who will be responsible for promoting the house’s own brand to many players. You can earn up to 45% commission from your players, which is not a small amount at all.

Why become an X1PH dealer?

  • X1PH is a big bookmaker brand and has a history of more than 10 years of experience in the market.
  • Easy to promote to players.
  • X1PH agent system wholeheartedly supports agent members.
  • Super commission discount.

Formula for calculating X1PH dealer commission

  • Dividend: (Agent profit – X1PH cost) x %C dividend
  • The cost paid is calculated = That month’s agent profit x 0.3.

(Including: Commission (0.1) + Administrative fee (0.1) + Money guarantee fee in the account(0.1)

  • Agent Earnings: (Dividends + Odds Commissions).

Regulations on receiving commission from X1PH dealer

When participating as an X1PH dealer, you need to pay attention to some rules as follows:

  • The time for payment of the house commission is from the 1st to the 5th. 
  • The dealer can receive both the dividend package and the odds at the same time. 
  • If the X1PH dealer discovers that the dealer violates the house terms. We will immediately terminate the partnership and cancel your agent status.


X1PH is truly the most prestigious Asian casino today, with dedicated customer support, as well as providing players with the best quality gaming moments through the download of the app as well as the experience directly on the website.

If you are looking for a safe betting address, then X1PH is the place to be. Bonding Good luck!